To "Japan Fetish Femdom Girls Club "


This is my second time using this service in Japan.

The staff is sincere and professional when handling my requests, and the use of Skype is a big plus as visitors usually don't have voice mobile.

The scheduling is easy, and English level of the staff is very good.

Nagoya branch is probably smaller than Tokyo but still the agency can accommodate most requests.

Girls are good. Not very fluent in English but if you know some vocabulary (especially the ones used in AV :P) you will have no problem to enjoy.
And if you have time to talk Google translate is your friend.

Overall I will recommend this service to anyone who doesn't speak Japanese fluent enough to carry a conversation on the phone.
And the price is not expensive either when compared to other Deliheeru services

Fico // Hong Kong

Japanese Fetish Femdom Girls Club , Calling center