Kokomi from "JEGC" Osaka Branch


I had a lot of fun with Kokomi.
She's got so much bubbly energy and such a friendly personality.
She seemed a bit nervous and shy at first, because she thought she would have to speak English,
but as soon as we switched to Japanese she relaxed considerably.

The hotel we had planned to go to was all full,
and the place we ended up in was a little small and very basic, but as I told her,
as long as there is a bath and a bed, that is all we need.

And, as it turned out, it was just fine. We had good chemistry, so it seemed, and we pout the bath and the bed,
basic as they were, to good use. Kokomi is very curvy, with a tight little waist,
firm breasts and cute round butt. Her skin was one big erogenous zone,
which is always a pleasure to one who loves pleasuring with tongue and fingertips as much as I do.

After we had expended ourselves and had showered off, and she paid me some very nice compliments,
she told me about her passions for motorcycles, fishing, and cooking.
We talked about bikes, and Okayama, and internet travel blogs and how to monetize them.

I think she has a lot of potential, and I have a feeling she might be moving on before too long.
Better arrange to meet her before she slips away.


Ms Kokomi Japanese Escort Girls Club , Osaka branch