Ms.Karen from "JEGC" Osaka Branch


I met Karen in front of the National Bunraku theatre in Nippombashi.
She was a bit late, and I was just about to call to find out if anything had happened to her,
but then she finally arrived and I knew it was worth the wait.

She was so cute, with sweet little round face and a bright smile. Fantastic body, too,
as I was soon to discover. We chatted as we walked to a nearby hotel.
She had spent some time in Australia,
which had lent a delightful down-under lilt to her excellent English. Inside the hotel,
as she ran the bath, I gave her a selection of chocolates I had picked up earlier that afternoon,
as she had mentioned in her blog that she was fond of it.

We undressed, washed and bathed, lathering each other deliciously before retiring to the bed.
I had mentioned earlier that Karen had a fantastic body, and now it was spread languidly on the sheets before me.
We lay in each other's arms, kissing and caressing,
absolutely as if we were lovers reunited after a long absence.

I kissed her beautiful lips, her face, her neck, her breasts, her belly,
and the warm wet intersection of her inner thighs. I stayed there for a while,
bathing her with my tongue and lips, and enjoyed listening to her breathing become deeper and more labored.

Karen was an extremely willing partner, and was immediately willing to do anything I suggested.

Now, what you must know about Japanese law is that any actual vaginal penetration is strictly forbidden. However,
there is a frottage technique called sumata
(directly and rather inelegantly translated in English as "bare crotch" in which the man slides his manhood juicily in and around that aforementioned warm wet intersection, her inner thighs and vulva providing tight friction and extreme stimulation for both partners.

We started out sitting facing each other,
then with her on her belly and me on top (that was the best: she gasped and moaned
whenever my glans slid up her frenulum; I am pretty sure we didn't violate the law,
but it was a very near thing at times), and finally with me on my back and her riding and sliding.

We returned to the bathtub, cleaned our respective parts, then returned to the bed,
where she pleasured me for a while longer with that beautiful mouth of hers, until, shall we say, the grande finale.
We chatted for a bit afterward, then washed up again, dressed, and left the hotel,
waving fondly to one another as we parted.

It's been over a year, but whenever I think about her, and our time together,
the recollection always makes me smile.


*Ms Karen already left us.

Japanese Escort Girls Club , Osaka branch