JEGC Tokyo "Otoha"


I took a leap of faith and chose a newcomer to JEGC earlier this month. Glad I did.

I scheduled a 120 minute session with Otoha sight unseen.
Arrived at the Gotanda meeting point where I was greeted by Otoha.

What a pleasant surprise she had a nice smile, she looked great and her attitude was great.

Especially when I found out I was her first appointment ever with the agency.

We quickly walked arm-in-arm to our hotel and up to our room.

Otoha was a bit nervous understandably but she wasn't cold or afraid just the opposite.

She was very interested in my happiness and I did my best to make her feel at ease.
She did have a little residual shyness prior to the "shower time" but again understandable.

More than made up for by her nice body and aim-to-please personality.

Shower time went well and soon we were back to the bed for some great personal time.

I left very happy and would recommend Otoha to anyone.

For a first time she was pretty good and with more experience she will only get more comfortable and better I really believe.

Treat her nice. Would definitely repeat given the opportunity.

2016/Aug/ Mr JM / USA

Ms Otoha in Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo Branch