Ms. Aoba from "JEGC" Yokohama branch


I was having a bored weekend and was feeling lonely.
I dialed in JEGC yokohama and asked if I could meet a wonderful lady that day. I was very happy that my reservation was accepted and I was told the lady would be there.

After waiting a little, i was very happy to Ms Aoba. She was very cute and with a smile she entered. From her face and the way she spoke in the begining made me feel special and she was very kind. After confirming with the shop and placing all the accessories in place we started the sesion.

She was on top of me and was looking at me in a very seductive way. she teased me quite a lot and i enjoyed that. slowly her hospitality was seen as we moved to shower.
She was real darling and slowly started to engage me. After some shower and bath tub we moved to the bed for action.

I really loved as from a kind girl she started becoming a slowly horny. She is very shy and needs some time to start really showing her affection. Overall we did some naugthy things and enjoyed every moment. After sometime we started laughing at all the moves and starting really bonding.

Alas 90 minutes went so fast and we enjoyed every moment. TIme was to say good bye. But i will meet her again soon.
I definitely recommend her and would request guys to give her time to really workout a beautiful evening.

meet you soon aoba chan.

Aoba/ Japanese Escort Girls Club, Yokohama