Ms Honoka from "JEGC" Umeda Branch


Today i accidentally booked Mr Honoka. The JEGC staff told me she is only 19 year old and very new to this industry. I have not much expectation. When i saw her i am very much surprised, she is very beautiful than i expected. When I grab her hand, I feel like I'm back to high school student when I met my first girlfriend. Because she is so pure and natural. It's like spending time with a real girlfriend. She can understand basic English.

During the session time, i am very much impressed, she treat me like a king. She has a charm and a cute personality. Good body like a sexy model. She is super sensitive and easy to make her come depends on the customer.Her body act 'honest' when you touch her...Oh my god, she is the best! It's her first time to try out this industry, so please feel her, share happiness and feel her. Enjoy this important time with her.

After the session, we talk each other, i teach her to make some Indian dishes. With you tube. I hope she understand how to make the Chapati.

I will sure that i will going to see Hanoka after next week. Waiting for you.


Ms Honoka from Japanese Escort Girls Club , Umeda branch


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