Ms Kae from "JEGC" Yokohama branch


Hi Guys, i am back in Japan for a little longer time again.

I met Ms.Kae this time and I invited her to my home.

As usual, the reservation was very smooth. All details in and she arrived.I could likely use the campaign.

She arrived at mentioned time and was very pretty.
she started with session and was very happy to practive.
We had a quick shower and moved to bed.

She definitely turns on once we were on bed. She had beautiful curves and sexy.. we did all naughty things

Overall it was a very enjoyable session and I am sure i will meet her again

I really loved her energy and every bit of her. Respect her and she makes it special.

Thanks for everyone JEGC.. Especially opening the Japanese fun to all foreigners.




Ms Kae from Japanese Escort Girls Club , Yokohama branch