Ms Koeri from "JEGC" Kyoto Branch


Normally I wouldn't write a comment because I think experiences you encounter with the girl are just between the girl and you and I think it's inappropriate to "rate" a girl.
But I make an exception for Korea. I had several bad to mediocre experiences with other escort services in Japan. So my expectations were not very high. But let me tell you, Koeri not just exceeded my expectations by far, I think she is setting the bar as high as very few can reach again. It was awesome. From the first second, she was very kind, courteous and open. She definitely helped me to be less nervous. Her English is not the best, but you can definitely have an everyday conversation with her. She's a little on the chubby side but overall very beautiful and she laughs a lot. Her service was outstanding. I have never experienced so much care from an escort girl in Japan. She helped with everything and treated me like a king. Like I said I' ve used some escort services, but just wow the time with Koeri was worth everything. After our session, she even helped me to find a bus back to my hotel. When you're in Kyoto and you're looking for a special night, I would highly recommend Koeri.


Ms Koeri from Japanese Escort Girls Club , Kyoto branch