Ms Kotoha from "JEGC" , Fukuoka branch


When I met Kotoha I was a bit nervous, she did not speak much English and I had no idea how to speak to her in Japanese.

My nervousness was completely gone after noticing how intelligent she is -

By simply displaying and speaking what I mean, she understood me and was able to answer too in the same way! That leads us to very fun conversations.

My session with Kotoha lasted for 180 minutes.

During that time she proved me how good she is with handling us men.

She is amazingly good with providing this service.

She wore a beautiful smile, she was very carrying, polite, careful and she also gave me an amazing massage on the end! :)

Thank you Kotoha for a very joyful night.

I am completely recommending Kotoha to everyone.

Thanks JEGC for a great service.

アビ // ISR

Oct // 2019

Ms Kotoha from Japanese Escort Girls Club Fukuoka branch