Ms Marie from "JEGC" Shinagawa branch


I came back to Japan this year and was lucky to meet Marie again.

She is very busy nowadays and I was having trouble to schedule a session with her.

JEGC team informed me earlier as I have used their services many times in the past and I could book the session on March 24th.

There are so many reviews about her including a few I posted earlier and she is always special.

This time I booked a 90 minute session as I wanted to really have a good time with her.

She came in at hotel and I was so happy to meet her and she also was surprised to see me.

We both hugged and proceeded to our room. Once in, i couldn't stop but i kissed her and she also responded the same.

She then did her call to office and the session started.
We did the basic kiss and the intimacy and stripped down.
She suggested shower and i didn't want as i had just had one.
But she told rain play.. and it was a little new.. So i said OK.

In the shower, she adjusted the shower as it rains.. and it was fun..
She is so charming and with weird ideas that it really blows me out..
Really cute smile and sexy looks.. Overall the Rain play was fun..
and then we moved to bed and had more intimacy..
we enjoyed kissing and enjoying each other in many positions..
She made me climax with handjob and started kissing and resting as nice GFE..
we just observed 99 comments for her..
and I did post the 100 comment..

For anyone who hasn't tried her service, i strongly recommend her and I am sure you will enjoy..
You can also see the amount of reviews she has got..
Overall another pleasant session from the JEGC team..

I am back home for a short visit.. Will try to visit her soon.



Ms Marie from Japanese Escort Girls Club , Shinagawa Branch.