Ms Satomi from "JEGC" Shinagawa branch


This is the third time I meet Satomi within 4 months.
After every meeting,
I feel that she is becoming very charming day by day.

My overall experience with Satomi was AWSOME!!!

I saw Satomi approaching on the street.
Yes she easily stands out and she looked even prettier in person. Greeted each other,
she grabbed my hand and we walked to love hotel.
This time, I selected hotel Bali Bali,
because I see lots of review for that hotel.
But unfortunately the hotel is little overrated.
There is nothing special compared to other hotels.
But Satomi make me very happy even though the hotel disappoint me a little.

In the elevator she started to LFK, off to a good start.
Once in the room it continued to escalate to DFK.
We kissed for quite awhile. While kissing I caressed her neck, ears, cheeks,
legs and stomach and she shivered and moaned when I hit a sensitive area.
I like that responsiveness. Both of us take the shaver and she give me a good BBBJ in bath tub.
Her technique while looking me in the eyes I got big and hard really fast.

The bed time with Satomi was great.
This time I opt a Nurse Cosplay. Even though the costume is not very much attractive,
it perfectly fit for her and she was really sexy in that dress.

After our session, We continued to kiss and I got a nice massage before time expired.

NS // Ind


Ms Satomi from Japanese Escort Girls Club , Shinagawa branch