Ms Sayo from "JEGC" Umeda Branch


I have used so many girls all over the world, but sayo is different.

She is a high-level premiere girl you cannot see such all rounders everywhere.

Sayo is elegance and natural.

Her sexy eyes kill every guy's heat.

You want to welcome her with a big smile.

She is the dream girl, Gorgeous & Cute.

She is also hot and has sexy rips.

Beautiful nose, fair-skin is like beautiful jewelry.

It's crystal clear. It's a natural beautiful slender body, and Nice Curves.

Amazing hips and crystal clear skin.

You cannot wait to take her to clothe off and see her naked.

She will cheer you with her warm heart.

I'll believe she is a model.

Her face is lovely. Nice personality as well.

She can speak the basic English very well.

We had a nice talk too.

She likes to tease by, so I'll tease you again.


MAY // 2020

Ms Sayo from Japanese Escort Girls Club , Umeda branch