Ms Sayo from "JEGC" Umeda Branch


This was my second time with Sayo and I have so many good things to say about her,
but I think her three key attributes are her effort, thoughtfulness, and beauty.

In terms of effort, she will do everything she can to make sure that you have the best time possible.
She has amazing oral skills and incredible stamina and sexual energy. As for thoughtfulness,
she does her best to remember details of your conversations during the session and mentions them in her blog,
which I feel is a really nice follow up to the session that makes you feel
like you have made a connection beyond the session time.

Finally, she is beautiful.
Her style is quite unique and it makes a strong first impression,
but that is not all. Her body is perfection, amazingly well-proportioned and nicely tanned,
and her personality is warm and full of humor.

She is also quite modest, and deflects your praise only to make her even more charming.
These are the things I, and many others,love about Sayo.

I recommend that you choose her and hope you will enjoy your time with her as much as I do.

KJ// Can

Dec // 2019

Ms Sayo from Japanese Escort Girls Club , Umeda branch