Ms Sayo from "JEGC" Umeda Branch


For work reasons, I have been living apart from my family for a year. Ive been married 13 years and I love my wife, but I thought that this time apart might be a chance to have other sexual experiences. I found JEGC and took the plunge. I had sessions with three other girls before Sayo and I really enjoyed them all. Indeed, I really dont think you can go wrong with this service. When I met Sayo, however, something was different. I felt more of a connection to her. She is so unique, and with her, things seem to build up and become better and better the stronger that connection becomes. I even felt this between the start and end of our first session. From when I met her in November, I decided that I wanted to see her every month, and I really looked forward to the time when we would meet, and each time that connection felt stronger. This last time was absolutely mind-blowing. I honestly have never felt that sexually satisfied after being with a woman before. Now my job in Kansai is finished and I got a permanent position back in the town where my family is. I wont be able to see Sayo every month, but I will definitely look for every opportunity I can, like conferences and events, to get back to Kansai and see her. That is the kind of girl she is. Special doesnt even really do her justice. She is a treasure.

KJ// Can

Jan // 2020

Ms Sayo from Japanese Escort Girls Club , Umeda branch