Ms Sayo from "JEGC" Umeda Branch


This is the first time i am using JEGC. The staff who handle the reservation is very nice and helpful. After I select Sayo-san i am little nervous. I can't find the meeting point on time. But Sayo-san managed to come to a nearby location. When I met her in front of the convenient store for the first time, she held my hand, which gave me a very strong feeling of girlfriend. Sayo-san is very beautiful. She was like real angel from heaven. She have a perfect body and perfect shape. Her skin is very smooth and nice, Actually her images do not do her justice on the website. She was more beautiful than the images shown in the JEGC website.

My "Girlfriend Experience" with Sayo-san was amazing!.
We had a great time together for 75 minutes. She can understands English . She truly gives me the best blowjob i ever had. I could not control myself. I cum totally 3 times during the session. She will do everything she can to make sure that you have the best time possible. In the bed she really surprised me. She was the best in terms of service, skill and enthusiasm. I wish she could stay together with me for a much longer time as I really did not want it to end so fast.

All the reviews in the JEGC website about Sayo-san is 100% correct.

When going back, I am not much familiar with Umeda area. I could not find the way to Umeda station, but Sayo san come with me and guide me to the entrance of railway station. She is so kind. The next day when i check her blog, I was surprised to see her message.

After leaving, I decided that I wanted to see her every month. But now i can't wait for a month, Planning to meet her on next week itself.

Definitely recommend her and look forward to seeing her again.


Ms Sayo from Japanese Escort Girls Club , Umeda branch