Ms Sayo from "JEGC" Umeda Branch


Even though I had to cancel my reservation with Sayo on March 16th because my business trip was cancelled due to the coronavirus, I want to write a review about her anyway. I want to say a little bit about the JEGC slogan: "100% Japanese girlfriend experience without sex." Funny thing about me is that I have had more Japanese girlfriends than Canadian ones and I am married to a Japanese lady. Nonetheless, I have still had a "Japanese girlfriend experience" with Sayo that is unique and special and different from the relationship I have had with anyone else. Let me explain.

When I first came to Japan I had a few Japanese girlfriends before I met my wife. Most of them could speak a little English, but one girl in particular spoke almost no English. At that time I spoke almost no Japanese (though I liked to believe I could, I even remember I had a book called "Making out in Japanese"! I remember that "iku" was the first phrase that I successfully learned and used with her! Very useful word!). Basically, in spite of my pride at the time, I admit neither of us were conversant in the other's language. Nonetheless, we spent hours at a time together and really looked forward to meeting each other. Sadly, in the end, the communication barrier was too much and we broke up. Soon after, I met my wife, who already spoke English fluently. Needless to say, all of the making out we did was in English, though I secretly longed to make out in Japanese.

For a long time, I didn't think about other women. I also improved a lot at Japanese, certainly enough to be conversant. My wife also speaks to me in Japanese a lot more now, but mostly about serious things, especially when she is angry, which is kind of the opposite of what I want! Our lovemaking is pretty much still always in English, and it's the kind of thing that is based on feeling so it is hard to change. I would even feel strange if we started using Japanese during sex.

In an attempt to get the Japanese girlfriend experience I never had, I started making reservations at JEGC Osaka while I was living alone in the Kansai area short-term and I was lucky enough to meet Sayo. During all of our rendezvous, we have always just spoken Japanese. As evidenced by her blog posts and reviews by other customers, she can definitely speak English, but she seemed to understand from the beginning that I didn't want to. What is even cooler is that she didn't even make that unnecessary comment "Nihongo jouzu desu ne", she just spoke with me naturally. The experience of talking with her and playing with her in Japanese gave me the excitement that I had with that Japanese girlfriend long ago, but without the awkwardness of not being able to understand or be understood. I was able to truly "make out in Japanese" and for that experience I am really grateful.

When she posts a comment about me in her blog, it reminds me of getting a text from a girlfriend, which I think is a huge part of the girlfriend experience. I believe Sayo is the only girl in JEGC that does this consistently, and I absolutely love it. It is a big reason why I have decided to repeat with her and to lavish her with so much praise and encouragement. It really keeps me thinking about her. In those comments she often emphasizes that she likes to talk with me and that she wants to talk with me more. This really makes me feel great because the conversation is a big part of what I love about sessions with her.

Of course the physical part is great too. I won't go into detail about how great this is because I think enough reviews of her have covered this topic, but I do want to give a little feedback about the last part of the JEGC slogan "without sex". As a long-time teacher of the English language that knows it very well, I strongly recommend it should be changed to "without intercourse" and I believe this will get more customers. I have recommended this service to two friends and they were both turned off by that phrase. After all, for native speakers of English, oral sex and intercrural sex (sumata) ARE types of sex. These are not only permitted, but make up a large part of JEGC's service. Nonetheless, I think both of my friends had images of the "rent a girlfriend" service in which men pay a woman to go on a date with them in which physical contact is not permitted (this is featured on the "Asian Boss" web sho
w). I had to explain to them that "without sex" just meant "without intercourse" (a very understandable rule to protect the girl's health, especially if she is popular, hard-working, and therefore has many customers like Sayo). There is still plenty of fun to be had physically. Nonetheless, they both remained skeptical about the service and I am afraid are unlikely to try it despite my fervent recommendations (sorry to let you down JEGC).

All in all, no matter whether you are a short-term visitor who speaks no Japanese and wants a beautiful and playful girl who understands English and what men want, or a permanent resident like me who wants to flirt with his dream girl in Japanese, Sayo is the girl for you. I absolutely adore her and want nothing more than for her to be happy, successful, healthy, and treated well.

I also hope that this Coronavirus crisis ends soon and no more Osaka conferences and events, which I use as pretexts to see her, get cancelled. Until then, you guys who are lucky enough to be near the Osaka area keep booking her, I'm only a little bit jealous ;)


Ms Sayo from Japanese Escort Girls Club , Umeda branch