Ms Shiori from "JEGC" Sendai branch


Although I have used some fuzoku services in Japan before, this was my first time experiencing Japan's truly amazing Delivery Health service.

And I am glad I chose Shiori to help me experience this world for the first time.

While we were bit quite nervous as we entered the room, Shiori was very professional, polite and understanding.

If I was unsure about something, she would kindly explain it to me.

I also loved her petite and slightly curvy body with big soft breasts (which provided a good massage for my pleasure organ)

After cleaning me thoroughly and enjoying the bath together, she guided me through several different fun positions on the bed.

She was so cute and sexy as we played in bed, and when it came time to release my pent up pleasure, she worked hard to make sure I could finish in an explosion of ecstasy just at the right time.

I highly recommend Shiori for those with little or no bed experience, those experiencing Delivery Health for the first time, or those who just want to experience the Japanese erotic omotenashi hospitality from a little Japanese girl that works hard to make you constantly feel aroused.


Ben // Australia

July //2020

Ms Shiori from Japanese Escort Girls Club , Sendai branch