Ms Shizuku from "JEGC" Yokohama branch

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My first impression when meeting Shizuku San was exciting as she was elegantly dressed and exuded a classy and confident demeanor.

She was extremely friendly right from the first hello.

It was like meeting an old friend again.
After the conduct of preparation and administrative details,
Shizuku San transformed into the ultimate service lady so many have had the pleasure of experiencing.

Although all the various parts of the service were familiar,
she was able to make them special in her own way and raise the level of enjoyment.

She clearly is very passionate in her work and I am sure she will continue to thrill many many more customers in the future.

Thank you very much for the meeting and looking forward to the next time.

Alan // AUS

Mar // 2019

Ms Shizuku from Japanese escort Girls Club Yokohama branch