Ms.Mei from "JEGC" Fukuoka branch


This is my first time using such a service ever.

I opted for the 2 hour session. When Mei arrived, she looked slightly different to the photos available.

This may be due to the type of makeup she had on, but she was still very cute regardless, the very sweet looking girl type.

She helped took off my clothes and fold them neatly afterwards. There wasn't much of a massage but her licks and kisses were extremely enjoyable.

Although she doesn't speak much English I felt like we connected well.

I was hesitant in writing a rave review as that would mean more people will choose her which means her availability will be harder for me to book if I were to choose her again. However,

she really deserves of worthy praise. She gave it her all and provided me with a wonderful girlfriend experience.

If there was one thing I would complain about is that I hope this establishment will treat its girls better and offer adequate protection where necessary.
This is because she had some bruises on her arm and hand and I was honestly more concerned with her well-being and afraid of accidentally hurting her further than trying to orgasm.

Despite the setback of being unable to orgasm, if I get to turn back in time,
I would still choose to go with Mei again as she is just that good.
I do not regret my decision and it is a pity that during my short stay she will be out of town for the remaining days or I would have love to use her services again.

I wish Mei the best of luck and would love to be able to see her again one day.


Ms. Mei from Japanese Escort Club Fukuoka Branch


You ar vary nice