Ms Marie from JEGC "Tokyo" branch


By the time i am writing this review, I am back home and almost getting ready to travel to Japan again
I had met Marie 2 times during my March visit and she was amazing person and lovely cute girl.
I could come again to Japan during May and luckily Marie was available.

The booking in JEGC is very smooth as usual and I could reserve Marie chan 2 days early.
They just called me to confirm the reservation couple of hours before the meeting and I met Marie chan in front of Yoshinoyo.
She looked so cute and i really liked her white dress.
Went to bix and got us a room. In the room, we hugged immediately and started kissing.

I was so much waiting for this since 2 months. I pulled her on to me and she made her call to the office.
I asked her to take lead and she started kissing and slowly stripping. She is a treat to watch and it was so fresh.

We moved to bed and we continued the game play. Even after two visits she was shy and i really liked this part of her.
She really gets wet and you can tell she is enjoying every moment. We did lots of kissing, nipple licks, fingering and DATY.

After more than an hour, we moved to shower and together the shower was very fun.
She washed me completely and allowed me to wash her and got dressed.

I got her sweets from my hometown and i think she liked it.. atleast from her diary it looks like she enjoyed.

We walked out of the hotel and she gave me a departing kiss.
I wish i could spend more time with her but unfortunately i was travelling next day

I will be travelling to Japan very soon and will want to meet her again. Marie chan see you soon and love you.
kisses & hugs


Ms Marie from Japanese Escort Girls Club , Tokyo branch