Seiko from "JEGC" Shinagawa Branch


It was another weekend and i felt lonely.
i dialed up JEGC and asked for reservation. we fixed an appointment on Saturday, however we couldn't keep it and hence it was shifted to Sunday. On sunday Seiko chan arrived and she was very pretty and beautiful. She immediately arranged stuff and was wearing a long gown which covered her beautiful body..

So we started some basic and when she stripeed, i was blown off by the most beautiful sexy physique. She was amazing with the right curves and beautiful.

We had shower and she was very kind and then moved to the bed.
One thing good about her was that we tried everything. She was so comfortable to do things that i was surprised as well

Her English was also Ok.. but i can speak some basic japanese and we had lots of fun.. She took time and i felt she really enjoyed the company as well.

After session, we lied down and were talking about general things. Definitely recommend her and i hope to meet her again soon.
Sep 2020

Ms.Seiko Japanese Escort Girls Club, Shinagawa branch